In December 1999 and January 2000 I registered a couple of “karsmakers” domains: .com, .net and .org. In October 2001 I added the .info one. As I am Dutch, however, I was always keen on getting my own country’s Top Level Domain, the .nl version. Unfortunately this was owned by a distant uncle of mine, Theo Karsmakers, who ran a truck bodywork company. In early 2012 that company went into receivership and I noticed the domain languishing unused. After a bit of coaxing I convinced him he should allow me to do something with it, and the ownership transfer was rounded off last Saturday.

This morning I spent migrating the site, setting up redirects for the previous ‘portal’ karsmakers.net site, and lastly migrating the site’s WordPress database. That seems to have worked out fine so now my chauvinist side will be given free reign.

Which isn’t to say I liked the “Koningslied” 🙂

In case you’re a Karsmakers somewhere and you’d like a forwarding email I can set one up for you, on any combination of the karsmakers .com, .net, .org, .info, .uk, .eu, .world or .nl TLDs. That also goes for various kars(e)maker(s).nl/.com domains that end up here. As this will only be an email forwarding thing (kindof like a Windows desktop Shortcut to something), your mail will still be as private as it was before, and won’t be stored anywhere other than where you have it stored now..