I am looking for all kinds of stuff…

Official releases

  • The big Saxon Wacken Box which includes full performances from three years of Wacken. However, I don’t need the actual items, I’d just like DVD audio rips of the three full Wacken shows.

DVDs (region 0 or 2) or Blu-ray

  • Deep Purple – any complete mid ’72 live performance (especially the August ’72 Japanese gigs, bootleg no problem)
  • All about 40 “Road Runner” cartoons
  • Queensryche – “Live in Tokyo” (actual DVD remaster, not a laserdisc transfer)
  • “Antarctica” (Japanese film with Vangelis soundtrack, with at least English or Dutch subtitles)
  • “She’s Out of Control” – the Tony Danza comedy

Any medium (bootlegs)

  • Beatles – I don’t know the title, but it’s got a red cover, it’s a bootleg that I think was recorded in Paris, and there’s a song on it called “Days” (I vaguely recall)
  • Jason Becker – anything live
  • Cacophony – anything live
  • Fear of God – any pre-1993 live performance, preferably the original line-up
  • Venom – their 1995 “Waldrock” performance

Dutch Books

  • “De Sprookjes van Grimm”, sprookjes met illustraties van Anton Pieck (bij voorkeur de 1e druk uit 1942, anders de 2e druk)
  • Onderwijspers/ThiemeMeulenhoff Examenbundel Engels VMBO gt 2005-2006

City maps (of Dutch cities), in quite good shape

  • Helmond 1967 (or more recent, but the nearer to 1967 the better)
  • Gouda 1990 (or a little older)
  • Breda 1980 (or close to it)
  • Oostvoorne 1979 (or close to it)
  • Utrecht 1988 (or close to it)

Atari ST software

  • F.A.S.T.E.R. disk magazine issues, all of them except 1.5, 1.6, 2.1 and 2.5.
  • I am actually looking for all Atari ST/Falcon disk magazines that are not yet available on http://st-news.com/downloads/


  • Everything (old factory/family pictures, logos, ad material, promo material, old bottle labels, picture postcards of Dijkstraat, Grootzand, ‘t Laag, Stoombootkade in Bolsward, etc.) that has to do with Plantiac (a kind of Vieux, i.e. ‘Dutch Brandy’) or its producer, Plantinga. Scans/photos of actual items are welcome too.
  • A digital version (PDF or text file, either if fine with me) of version 5 of Andreas Ramos’ “Your 2nd Manual to the Atari ST”.
  • VHS tape (or DVD) of CITO’s Engels Luistervaardigheid VMBOt 2003 schoolexamen.

If you can help me to get any of these items, please contact me!