Other Sites

Here are the links to some other sites I maintain:

Bastard Operator from Hell – not my idea, but I took it and made sortof a funny site with it

Dat Zei Zij – Dutch-language little funny site (used to be “dat zei Marie vannacht ook”)

Emulation Zone – forum currently being set up for both hardware-and software retro emulation enthusiasts (expected somewhere in 2020, possibly 2021)

Fear of God – fan site for the band Fear of God, previous incarnation D├ętente and the heart and soul of both bands, the late Dawn Crosby, plus forum

Heartfield Guitars – the world’s biggest Heartfield / Heartfield by Fender guitar and bass site, with forum

Plantiac – site for afficionados of this very smooth Dutch alcoholic beverage

Spark Zone – forum for players of the Positive Grid Spark smart amp

ST News – the one and only repository of lore surrounding this defunct Atari ST/Falcon/TT disk magazine

STNICCC – information site for past (1990, 2000, 2015) and future (2032) incarnations of the ST News International Christmas Coding Convention, with Atari Scene Central database

Strat Central – the Ultimate Fender Stratocaster guitar picture fetish site (a follow-up improved site is in the works, but the be honest that’s been the case since 2016)

Twilight World – the archive of this defunct fiction-only magazine

Wowbagger – the world’s most insulting website, which is multi-language to boot!