Other Sites

Here are the links to some other sites I maintain:

Dat Zei Marie Vannacht Ook – Dutch-language little funny site (used to have its own domain, now just a page here)

Heartfield Guitars – the world’s biggest Heartfield / Heartfield by Fender guitar and bass site, with forum

Plantiac – site for afficionados of this very smooth Dutch alcoholic beverage

ST News – the one and only depository of lore surrounding this defunct Atari ST/Falcon/TT disk magazine

STNICCC – information site for past and present incarnations of the ST News International Christmas Coding Convention, with Atari Scene Central database

Strat Central – the Ultimate Fender Stratocaster guitar picture fetish site

Twilight World – the archive of this defunct fiction-only magazine (used to have its own domain, now just an archive here)

Wowbagger – the world’s most insulting website, and multi-language to boot!