Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details:

Richard C. Karsmakers
The Netherlands

Born: 3 November 1967, Helmond, Netherlands

Education / Certification:

CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate, Semester 1, 2003): This is the first of four semesters teaching you how to work with Cisco hardware (routers, switches) and networks in general.

MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, 2002): A toned down and arguably more practical kind of MCSE certification.

CompTIA Network+ (Networking professional, 2002): A vendor-neutral certification for networking professionals.

CompTIA A+ (Hardware and Operating Systems skills, 2002): A vendor-neutral certification for PC hardware and operating systems support professionals.

MCDBA (Microsoft Certified DataBase Administrator, 2002): ‘New style’, with “SQL Server 2000”.

CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster, 2001): Foundations. This is not too deep-going (basic skills, HTML).

MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, 2000): ‘New style’, with “Visual Basic 6”, with the “Office 2000 and VBA Development” elective.

MOUS Master (Microsoft Office User Specialist, 2000): Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint Expert User.

MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer, 1999).

MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, 1998): ‘Old style’, with “Visual Basic 5” and “Programming in Access 95” electives.

MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional, 1998).

IVLOS, Utrecht, Netherlands (post-graduate): Teacher degree (English), certificate obtained 18-12-1996.

State University Utrecht, Netherlands (English), 1991 – 1995. Graduated 26-1-1996. Specialisation: Celtic language and culture (in Utrecht that’s primarily Irish and Welsh). Thesis: “Welsh Now” (on the current status of the Welsh language and its promotion).

State University Utrecht, Netherlands (Biology), 1988 – 1989, unfinished.


Dutch – Native.

English – Near-native.

German – Near-native receptively, moderately fluent productive verbally.

Professional Experience:

Goudse Scholengemeenschap Leo Vroman (2014 – current), Gouda. Senior teacher of English at secondary school level (HAVO, VWO).

Goudse Scholengemeenschap Leo Vroman (2003 – 2014), Gouda. Teacher of English at secondary school level (VMBO-T, HAVO, VWO).

HBO/MBO College Rens en Rens (2002 – 2003), Hilversum. MK-AEC, PMBO and ICT-B teacher (among others teaching English, Cisco, Visual Basic programming, Service Desk work, software installation and applications use).

Melridge Training & Consultancy (2001 – 2002), Capelle a/d IJssel. IT Professional, MCSD, training manager Microsoft, some webmaster duties.

MindIT (1999 – 2001), Sassenheim, Netherlands. IT Professional, MCSD. For nine months I was also the coordinator of the Microsoft teachers group.

Randstad Opleidingscentrum (1999), Utrecht, Netherlands. IT professional, specialised in “Visual Basic” (versions 5 and 6) and “Visual Basic for Applications” (VBA). I also programmed an Application Maintenance System.

Randstad Opleidingscentrum (1997 – 1998), Utrecht, Netherlands. Office automation teacher for end users (“Word”, “Excel”, “Access”, “Works”, “Powerpoint” and “Windows” (3.11, 95, 98 and NT), at beginners- and advanced level.

Cals College (1997), Nieuwegein, Netherlands. Teacher of English at secondary school level (MAVO, HAVO).

ACN (1991), Haarlem, Netherlands. Editorial work, writer, translations (English to Dutch).

Thalion Software (1989 – 1991), Gütersloh, Germany. Entertainment software design, company PR on international computer shows, translations (German to English) and background story writing.

Freelance Experience:

Nomen (2002 – 2014), Belgium and Germany – Contributing to the evaluation of Dutch and English marketing slogans and brand names.

High Technology Publishing (2005), Droitwich, England – Writing liner notes for the “Revival ST” music CD.

FaST Club (1997 – 1999), Nottingham, England; ACN (1989 – 1999), Haarlem, Netherlands; Douglas Communications (1991 – 1996), Stockport, England; CRL plc. (1989 – 1991), London, England – Design and development of the “Ultimate Virus Killer” (called “ACN Final Virus Killer” in Holland) computer virus detection software (for the Atari ST/TT/Falcon platform). Programming language “GfA Basic”.

The Publishing House (1997), Sheffield, England, publication “Atari Computing”; FaST Club (1994 – 1996), Stockport, England, publication “ST Applications” (defunct); ACN (1987 – 1996), Haarlem, Netherlands, publication “Atari Nieuws” (defunct); Heim Verlag (1990 – 1991), Germany, publication “TOS” (defunct); Markt & Technik Verlag (1988 – 1990), Haar bei München, Germany, publication “68000’er / ST Magazin” (defunct); S.A.G. Stichting Atari Gebruikers (1987 – 1988), Netherlands, publication “Atari Magazine” (defunct); Stichting ST (1986 – 1987), Leiden, Netherlands, publication “ST” (defunct) – Freelance computer software/hardware reviews and other computer-related articles (in particular about viruses and programming).

Faculty of German/English/Celtic (1995), Utrecht, Netherlands. Compilation of a tourist guide of museums with displays of important Celtic finds in Germany, Belgium and France.

Magic Bytes (1991), Gütersloh, Germany; Grandslam (1990), London, England; Ariolasoft (1990), Gütersloh, Germany; Softpaquet (1987), Zoetermeer, Netherlands; Markosoft (1986), Dordrecht, Netherlands; Microzeit Publishing (2017), Hannover, Germany; PixelSagas (2015), USA – Translations (software manuals, books and game texts) from German to English, German to Dutch and English to Dutch.

Eclipse (1991), Halle (Westfalen), Germany – Writing background stories for entertainment software (English fiction).

Extra-Curricular Activities:

“Metal-E-Zine” (1998 – 2004). Web-based music- and book review magazine. Founder and editor.

“Twilight World” (1993 – 2004), Internet-based fiction magazine, appeared once every two months (irregularly as of mid 1996). Founder and editor.

“ST News” (1986 – 1996), English-language multimedia disk magazine (covered music, films, books, computer software- and hardware). Founder, editor, distributor.

“Quill” (1991 – 1992), faculty magazine of English at State University of Utrecht. Editorial staff, writer, lay-out.