Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details:

Richard C. Karsmakers
The Netherlands

Born: 3 November 1967, Helmond, Netherlands

Education / Certification:

CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate, Semester 1, 2003): This is the first of four semesters teaching you how to work with Cisco hardware (routers, switches) and networks in general.

MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, 2002): A toned down and arguably more practical kind of MCSE certification.

CompTIA Network+ (Networking professional, 2002): A vendor-neutral certification for networking professionals.

CompTIA A+ (Hardware and Operating Systems skills, 2002): A vendor-neutral certification for PC hardware and operating systems support professionals.

MCDBA (Microsoft Certified DataBase Administrator, 2002): ‘New style’, with “SQL Server 2000”.

CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster, 2001): Foundations. This is not too deep-going (basic skills, HTML).

MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, 2000): ‘New style’, with “Visual Basic 6”, with the “Office 2000 and VBA Development” elective.

MOUS Master (Microsoft Office User Specialist, 2000): Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint Expert User.

MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer, 1999).

MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, 1998): ‘Old style’, with “Visual Basic 5” and “Programming in Access 95” electives.

MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional, 1998).

IVLOS, Utrecht, Netherlands (post-graduate): Teacher degree (English), certificate obtained 18-12-1996.

State University Utrecht, Netherlands (English), 1991 – 1995. Graduated 26-1-1996. Specialisation: Celtic language and culture (in Utrecht that’s primarily Irish and Welsh). Thesis: “Welsh Now” (on the current status of the Welsh language and its promotion).

State University Utrecht, Netherlands (Biology), 1988 – 1989, unfinished.


Dutch – Native.

English – Near-native.

German – Near-native receptively, moderately fluent productive verbally.

Professional Experience:

Goudse Scholengemeenschap Leo Vroman (2014 – current), Gouda. Senior teacher of English at secondary school level (HAVO, VWO).

Goudse Scholengemeenschap Leo Vroman (2003 – 2014), Gouda. Teacher of English at secondary school level (VMBO-T, HAVO, VWO).

HBO/MBO College Rens en Rens (2002 – 2003), Hilversum. MK-AEC, PMBO and ICT-B teacher (among others teaching English, Cisco, Visual Basic programming, Service Desk work, software installation and applications use).

Melridge Training & Consultancy (2001 – 2002), Capelle a/d IJssel. IT Professional, MCSD, training manager Microsoft, some webmaster duties.

MindIT (1999 – 2001), Sassenheim, Netherlands. IT Professional, MCSD. For nine months I was also the coordinator of the Microsoft teachers group.

Randstad Opleidingscentrum (1999), Utrecht, Netherlands. IT professional, specialised in “Visual Basic” (versions 5 and 6) and “Visual Basic for Applications” (VBA). I also programmed an Application Maintenance System.

Randstad Opleidingscentrum (1997 – 1998), Utrecht, Netherlands. Office automation teacher for end users (“Word”, “Excel”, “Access”, “Works”, “Powerpoint” and “Windows” (3.11, 95, 98 and NT), at beginners- and advanced level.

Cals College (1997), Nieuwegein, Netherlands. Teacher of English at secondary school level (MAVO, HAVO).

ACN (1991), Haarlem, Netherlands. Editorial work, writer, translations English à Dutch.

Thalion Software (1989 – 1991), Gütersloh, Germany. Entertainment software design, company PR on international computer shows, translations (German to English) and background story writing.

Freelance Experience:

Nomen (2002 – 2014), Belgium and Germany – Contributing to the evaluation of Dutch and English marketing slogans and brand names.

High Technology Publishing (2005), Droitwich, England – Writing liner notes for the “Revival ST” music CD.

FaST Club (1997 – 1999), Nottingham, England; ACN (1989 – 1999), Haarlem, Netherlands; Douglas Communications (1991 – 1996), Stockport, England; CRL plc. (1989 – 1991), London, England – Design and development of the “Ultimate Virus Killer” (called “ACN Final Virus Killer” in Holland) computer virus detection software (for the Atari ST/TT/Falcon platform). Programming language “GfA Basic”.

The Publishing House (1997), Sheffield, England, publication “Atari Computing”; FaST Club (1994 – 1996), Stockport, England, publication “ST Applications” (defunct); ACN (1987 – 1996), Haarlem, Netherlands, publication “Atari Nieuws” (defunct); Heim Verlag (1990 – 1991), Germany, publication “TOS” (defunct); Markt & Technik Verlag (1988 – 1990), Haar bei München, Germany, publication “68000’er / ST Magazin” (defunct); S.A.G. Stichting Atari Gebruikers (1987 – 1988), Netherlands, publication “Atari Magazine” (defunct); Stichting ST (1986 – 1987), Leiden, Netherlands, publication “ST” (defunct) – Freelance computer software/hardware reviews and other computer-related articles (in particular about viruses and programming).

Faculty of German/English/Celtic (1995), Utrecht, Netherlands. Compilation of a tourist guide of museums with displays of important Celtic finds in Germany, Belgium and France.

Magic Bytes (1991), Gütersloh, Germany; Grandslam (1990), London, England; Ariolasoft (1990), Gütersloh, Germany; Softpaquet (1987), Zoetermeer, Netherlands; Markosoft (1986), Dordrecht, Netherlands; Microzeit Publishing (2017), Hannover, Germany; PixelSagas (2015), USA – Translations (software manuals, books and game texts) from German to English, German to Dutch and English to Dutch.

Eclipse (1991), Halle (Westfalen), Germany – Writing background stories for entertainment software (English fiction).

Extra-Curricular Activities:

“Metal-E-Zine” (1998 – 2004). Web-based music- and book review magazine. Founder and editor.

“Twilight World” (1993 – 2004), Internet-based fiction magazine, appeared once every two months (irregularly as of mid 1996). Founder and editor.

“ST News” (1986 – 1996), English-language multimedia disk magazine (covered music, films, books, computer software- and hardware). Founder, editor, distributor.

“Quill” (1991 – 1992), faculty magazine of English at State University of Utrecht. Editorial staff, writer, lay-out.