ST NEWS Volume 12 Issue 1 – the 42nd Anniversary Edition

This morning I woke up with an idea. The idea was triggered largely by dreams I’ve had the past 20 years, off and on, where I was about to release the next issue of ST NEWS disk magazine (see here). Normally this would result in me waking up with a vague feeling of dread, as the pressure of finishing such an issue was never quite only a totally positive sensation. But this morning it was different. This morning, Sunday 6 October 2019, I woke up with a feeling of enthusiasm and anticipation. So I would hereby like to announce the release of the 42nd Anniversary issue, to be taking place on 26 July 2028!

I certainly don’t shun long-term projects, do I? Yes, it’s quite a few years in the future, but I have so many ideas that a) I think it will be worth the wait, and b) it will need a few years to arrange everything I’ve got planned. I intend for it to be the most ambitious undertaking since 1989’s “LateST NEWS Quest”, where Stefan and me visited just about everyone in England worth their ST-salt!

Some of the ideas are…

  • interviews with key players of the former and current Atari ST scene
  • features on hardware and software Atari emulation
  • a type of “where are they now?” feature with as many previous co-conspirators and foreign distributors as possible
  • a new ST-style demo in CODEF
  • a new version of the Atari ST version of “The Final Grandson of Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged”, the first since August 1995’s version 4.242
  • in memoriams of the people the game/ST scene has lost
  • an updated Ultimate ST NEWS Reference Guide
  • interview with Polly Jane Rocket Adams, Douglas Adams’ daughter
  • all of if written using the authentic “1st Word Plus”
  • it might be released as an Atari ST executable next to the page version

If you have any other ideas, do feel free to share them with me and make this a truly memorable issue!