Yngwie Malmsteen has released his second live CD. This time, with just about 100 minutes of music, on a double CD. It's been an expensive last half year for Malmsteen fans, what with the release of "Facing the Animal", "Millenium Suite" (still only available as expensive Japan import) and, now, "Live!!" (also Japan only for the time being).

The big question of course: Is it worth it? What does this release add to the plethora of Malmsteen albums already available, besides overplaying and sheer self-indulgence? Well, come to mention it, it probably adds nothing besides that. But it's the overplaying that makes this album interesting. It's the zillion notes that were never even there in the studio versions, the virtuoso embellishments and, indeed, the presence of a song like Hendrix' "Red House" which is on none of his regular albums.

Let's face it, whether you like him or not, Yngwie plays the guitar like nobody else. He might be an utter show-off, he might be just a tad over-present on a stage, but he's God on the guitar. And "Live!!" is a cool document of God's latest tour.

The CD booklet is pretty cool, too, and even has some pictures of fellow band members in it...

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Written October 1998


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