Allegedly, the Finns that comprise Yearning locked themselves up for a few months so they could fine-tune their carefully honed mental balance with nature, amid several dozen of the thousand lakes, listening to none but their inner voices. Be that as it may, it is a fact that the result, their virgin effort "With Tragedies Adorned", captivates from the first "Remnants of the only Delight" right up to the rear guard, "Canticum". A climax in the middle of this sonic journey is a song like "Bleeding for [a] Sinfun Crown", which carefully mimics but thankfully does not sound too much to Aaron and My Dying Bride. Instead of a violin there's a keyboard, and the vocals are primarily 'clean', though grunty at times.

It needs to be said that the people in charge of the Holy Records curriculum have impeccable taste. Again, the Holy stable has been enriched by a fine band. Now let's cross our fingers and hope that Yearning will be able to produce a second album that equals or even improves on "With Tragedies Adorned".

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Written September 1997


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