A few years ago, Greece opened up and spilled forth great streams of war metal bliss from bands like Nightfall and Septic Flesh. The edge of this wave of music seems to have disappeared, but the country is still vibrant and alive with music. One of the bands that tries to keep the Greek metal scene alive is Wolfcry, who have now released "Power Within".

Wolfcry in general play pretty melacholic sounding power metal, of which the title track and "The Journey" are prime examples. There is a certain hint of an accent in the singer's vocals, and his strength has yet to gain full maturity. "Power Within" contains quite a variety of tracks, from the ballad "Part of a Play" to the almost epic excellence of "Reflections". Guitarist Simos Kaggelaris shows he's worth his salt in "Nightriders", too.

Musically, "Power Within" is an album that manages to push its shoulders out from the rest, even considering the fact that the production could have been better. However, the vocals don't convince enough just yet. It should be interesting to see what comes of this band with future releases.



Written January 2002


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