Probably the record label with the most diverse, unique, original and avant-garde gathering of musicians in the industry today, Holy Records have recently released a double-CD compilation entitled "The Holy Bible II-III". All bands signed by Holy Records have one or two tracks on this new compilation, whereas Soulgrind, Natro and Argile also got the opportunity to show what they're capable of.

Like with the predecessor, "The Holy Bible", this new compilation features many an unreleased track. Of the 31 tracks, in fact, 14 are previously unreleased on CD. These include tracks by Nightfall, Tristitia (the excellent track "The Other Side", in the vein of their debut), Septic Flesh and Soulgrind.

If you're one of those poor individuals who has yet to hear some of those highly unique bands signed by Holy Records, this is as good as chance as you're ever going to get. At the price of slightly less than a regular CD, you get two CDs crammed full with music, much of which is even unique to Holy Records' standards.

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Written August 1999


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