A have nothing against tribute albums, though some people reckon they're just meant to earn money on popular band names. I think, in general, tribute albums feature interesting varations on well-known songs by your favourite bands. I saw a new Venom tribute album advertised (the third now, as far as I know) and ordered it right away.

Disappointment. The album is excellent with tracks by Anathema, Kreator, Skyclad and Paradise Lost (when they didn't yet suck). However, it's exactly the same as the non-digipak version of the first ever Venom tribute album, "In the Name of Satan", with exception of one new track (the pretty OK but not particularly memorable "Sacrifice" by the Electric Hellfire Club)! I would have liked to know that beforehand. So I basically wasted about the equivalent of 20 US dollars on this. On top of that, it's badly documented: "Kreator" is in fact only Mille Petrozza with a few guys of Godsforsaken and Abaddon on drums. Abaddon, in fact, drums on all the tracks.

If you do not yet have "In the Name of Satan", this is a fine Venom tribute album - after all, "In the Name of Satan" was the best of the two that have been released so far. The versions of "Prime Evil" (by Skyclad) and "Welcome to Hell" (by Anathema) are memorable in particular.

If you don't have "In the Name of Satan":



Written April 1999


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