There is so much stuff that I suppose all Venom fans are still waiting for. At Dynamo Open Air they played "The Evil One" and "1,000 Days in Sodom", neither of which appeared on the "The Second Coming" box set...The EP versions of "Warhead" and "Manitou" are a lot longer than those that appeared on the "Singles '80 - '86" CD..."Nightmare" has never been released on CD in the original studio version...On the various "Assault" EPs there have been a few rare tracks...There are one or two alternative versions of "Black Metal" (the song) that appeared on compilation CDs...the list is endless.

None of this can be found on this unappropriately titled double CD. It's primarily post-Cronos Venom, none of the tracks are of any interest. To be short and concise: This CD sucks.



Written July 1998


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