I have reviewed Vomitory before, and I am afraid this one is not going to be much better, at least not from a journalistic (or maybe even artistic) point of view. What you have on "Blood Rapture" is a collection of nine miniature aural menhirs, delivered with incredible gusto. For a little over half an hour, you will sit in your chair and wonder what the hell is happening to you as death metal barrage on death metal barrage repeatedly pound on your eardrums like a 50-year old male virgin's dick on his beautiful just-18-year old girlfriend's hymen membrane (or something similar with rather less of a sexual overtone if that's more your kind of thing).

Among the aural boulders you will find two tracks with a different, um, atmosphere, if you will. There's "Rotting Hill", which is a lot faster than all around it, and there's the title track which a deranged soul might be tempted to call a ballad on account of it being a bit slower and heavier at start. All in all, "Blood Rapture" is certainly not for the faint-hearted, nor probably for 50-year old virgins of any gender.



Written March 2002


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