From the ashes of US band Alienation has arisen UnHYNGD (/unhinged/). Their debut release, "Breaking the Stronghold", was released a while ago. On it, you will find generally excellent music, delivered by good musicians and a powerful metal singer whom I'd like to describe as a darker-sounding version of Blackie Lawless. The album's been produced wonderfully - none of the crap you sometimes get on virgin releases, some later band material or all Darkthrone albums. Good.

The guys in UnHYNGD are true riffmeisters - there must have been some blood link to Tony Iommi that will stand up in any court. The album more or less grooves from beginning to end, with notable climaxes in the form of the memorable "Never Easy" and the excellent "The Plow". There are two ballad-type tracks that I find least appealing - "Consummative Ascent" even has strings or keys, and "The Rain" starts off soft but then gets plenty of balls. But, well, if you've read more of my reviews you know I don't usually like ballads. Might be something entirely personal.

UnHYNGD is a band that deserves a lot more attention than it's getting. Check out their web site so see where to get their album. I don't think they've been signed yet, either.



Written August 2002


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