No doubt, Terry Pratchett's latest (as in "latest in paperback") has been inspired by political happenings in the past year or two. An island pops up virtually out of nothing, causing the prelude to war between Ankh-Morpork and Klatch. "Occasionally he gets accused of literature", the author's biography notes, and it's easy why that should happen. In between an almost detective-like plot, Pratchett takes the mickey out of religious differences and offers the reader generous handsful of astute observations and witticism.

As with all recent Discworld novels, however, humour tends to come on the second place. Don't get me wrong, Pratchett is always funny and cajoles from the reader a great deal more laughs than most. But he tends to concentrate more and more on plot - ever since "Soul Music", I estimate. Some will like that, and some won't. As far as I'm concerned, "Jingo" is another really good Discworld novel - not the best, certainly not the worst, not the funniest, with a good plot. For Discworld afficionados, it might well be possible that they'll never be disappointed - which is the case with this book.

Released 1997, ISBN 0-552-14598-X



Written December 1998


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