"Carpe Jugulum" is a unique Discworld novel. Not because it's the first one with vampire's in it. Not because it's the first 23rd Discworld novel. No, it is entirely unique because it is a thriller. There more suspense than in all other Discworld novels combined, especially when you realise that the hitherto invincible Esme "Granny" Weatherwax is in effect powerless to help anyone... Until a few chapters before the end you are kept in the dark (a vampire-riddled dark, scenting of blood and things profoundly evil) as to whether the witches will come out on top.

"Carpe Jugulum", IMHO, is the first Discworld novel where the plot is to thick it makes you forget that Terry Pratchett is no more as relentlessly funny as he used to be. Which isn't to say that "Carpe Jugulum" isn't funny, no, indeed, it's a very entertaining book that will cause the occasional slap on your knee as well as an admiring nod here and there. Superstition and religion (in the form of a devout Omnian priest by the name of Mightily Oats) are main topics in this volume, and as any objective individual knows these subjects can easily and effectively be put in a critical light.

In the end there is only one possible conclusion for yet another Terry Pratchett mightily...um...mighty fine book: Carpe "Carpe Jugulum"!

Released 1998, ISBN 0-552-14615-3



Written November 1999


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