"Oh no," I thought, "another one of those B.O. Records CDs for the Teutonically inclined." I should learn to have a more open mind with less prejudice.

Lee Tarot - he formerly of Stormwitch - has finally realised a decade's ambition by releasing a concept album based on Homer's "Odyssey". The result is Tarot's Myst's "Odyssey".

"Odyssey" is a very interesting listen, a mix between sortof traditional metal with a couple of prog influences thrown in. The good bits come out primarily in "Troja" and "The Creature Within". "Kingdom of the Shadow" doesn't shun Therion-esque bombast, and fans of Iron Maiden will find sections of "Flesh and Blood" oddly reminiscent of "The Trooper".

Tarot's Myst has produced quite a good album, but suffers from vocalist Tommy Bloch's faint German accent and a badly produced bass drum sound. Although the music sounds dated here and there, "Odyssey" is an enjoyable album.



Written August 1999


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