For those among you who appreciate a lighter kind of doom metal with female vocals and, well, a kind of 'poppy' feel, The Gathering is the band to check out. Although at the one hand I really dig bands in the vein of Limbonic Art and Cradle of Filth, there is a side to me that goes for bands the likes of Within Temptation, Theatre of Tragedy and, indeed, The Gathering.

"Nighttime Birds" is their fourth album, and their second with vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen. This girl has pushed the band to new and dazzling heights, which have logically continued on their latest effort. This is music that sends goosebumps to your skin, shivers down your spine. Musically fairly simple, but Anneke's voice soars up and down and takes you on a magic mountain trip to a land of emotion and fairytales. "Nighttime Birds" is definitely worth while checking out. Your girlfriend may like it, too :-).

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Written September 1997


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