Later this year, Tristania is to release their second full-length effort. To prepare us, Napalm Records have released a teaser in the shape of a 10-minute CD single.

Entitled "Angina", it contains three tracks. First there's the title track, followed by "Opus Relinque (Radio Edit)", which I suppose is the only track that won't be on the album in that form, and an instrumental shorty called "Saturnine".

Tristania is loved because of their use of female vocals in a Gregorian-choir-like setting. They have retained that ingredient, now coupling it with even more bombast. In particular "Opus Relinque" could be called a cross between the original Tristania and the heavier tracks on Samael's "Passage".

I like the road that Tristania is taking. Looking forward to their next album, especially if the production is similar.



Written June 1999


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