I am going out on a limb here: There are only a few countries where bands come from who seem to be able to make good rock'n'roll, or metal for that matter. Portugal so far seemed not to be among those as well, but Se7enty Se7en is going to change that.

Se7enty Se7en was founded in 2000, and they recently released their first demo CD, "Tempting the Devil". You wouldn't say it's a demo CD, by the way, because it sounds a lot better than many 'regular' CDs out there (production courtesy of Luis Justin). And the songs don't just sound good, they also feature catchy songwriting and good singing. Their vocalist is a bit like Joey Belladonna on a good day.

This band is definitely going places, if this demo CD is anything to go by, and I for one am looking forward to their full-length debut!



Written March 2001


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