"One of the most highly ancticipated death metal releases?" I think not.

With Six Feet Under, their musical style tends more and more towards punk with a death metal sound, especially obvious in the anti-American-government track, "Amerika the Brutal". Gone are the days of slow thumping heaviness like on their awesome debut, though Chris Barnes is still one of the most viciously grunting vocalists out there.

Personally I think every Six Feet Under is less good than the previous. Not hugely so, but somewhat nonetheless. If you chafe a thin layer off a rock, if you continue long enough, there'll only be dust left. The "I want to kill you" psycho lyrics are beginning to sound boring. The previous album at least had a few really memorable moments, but "Bringer of Blood" is just more of the usual death metal. The only thing that stands out is the artwork, which is pretty cool (in a gory way, needless to say).

The digipak has a pretty silly (and superfluous) bonus track.



Written March 2004


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