Although this album was released in 2001, I felt I had to write a review of it even after only hearing the title track: A good vocalist - Judas Priest style - with some really good guitar work. It was, basically, like hearing Judas Priest after Glenn and K.K. had done a couple of years of extra guitar lessons. Love at first sting...or something like that.

Although "Infatuator" is in the fact the best track on the album, there are more little gems to be discovered on this album. Silent Force's vocalist is DC Cooper, known from his work with Royal Hunt and more personally known from the good work he did on Explorer's Club "Age of Impact". Apparently he auditioned for the vocal slot in Judas Priest but didn't get it. I wonder why.

Apart from the title track, "Hear Me Calling" is another fine cut with excellent guitar work. "We Must Use the Power" contains some interesting drumming and more neoclassical style guitar parks reminiscent of a God from Sweden. The trilogy tracks ("Cena Libera", "Gladiator" and "The Blade") are almost as epic as Rhapsody. "In Your Arms" is a ballad, and I don't like ballads but this one is really quite OK, with subtle use of female vocals. The album rounds off with an acoustic song, "Northern Lights", once more reminiscent of a certain Y.J.M.

"Infatuator" is an excellent power metal album with sufficient vocal power and enough virtuoso guitar to satisfy any true metal fan. You could do a whole lot worse than getting this, never mind if it's already about a year old.

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Written August 2002


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