Steven Erikson is a new voice in the realm of fantasy fiction. His first volume, "Gardens of the Moon: A Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen", manages to confirm the notion that this is a highly interesting author whose further volumes will surely be anticipated with eagerness.

"Gardens of the Moon", although inevitably not entirely free of the usual fantasy fiction cliches (including demons, dragons, magic, a mediaeval setting with swords'n'stuff), is a refreshing read. The concept of magic is different from that found in most fantasy fiction stories, and Erikson has managed to create a credulous world full of depth the likes of Tolkien's "Middle Earth". Importantly, and this is why books like "Lord of the Rings" and Hickman'n'Weiss "Dragonlance Chronicles" will forever be on my personal fantasy favourites list, the characters in the book are interesting and easy to identify with. "Gardens of the Moon" isn't just another tale, it's a riveting read that will draw you in.

I for one am looking forward a lot to whichever further volumes will appear in this series.

Released 1999, ISBN 0-593-04470-3



Written May 1999


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