After two albums that distinctly harken back to the golden eighties of thrash metal - "The Highest Law" (1998) and "Every Nerve Alive" (2000) - it will surprise not a soul that their third full length effort, "The Birth of Tragedy", continues much in the same vein. For some reason, however, the vocal style has mercilessly transformed into that of 80's heavy metal cult band, Nasty Savage. From the openers, "The Sixth Sense" and the title track, up to the closing bonus tracks, the album pounds on at well above the speed limit - which is just the way fans of their previous efforts like it.

If you can find it, get your hands on the limited edition digipak edition. Do make sure that it has the bonus tracks "Evil Will Avenge" and "Dialogue of Bullets", as the first batch lacked these.

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Written November 2002


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