Red Aim play a rock'n'roll life style kind of music with plenty of sexual innuendo that ranges from scarcely hidden to blatantly obvious (or perhaps obnoxious). There are more Queens of the Stone Age / Kyuss influences than you can shake a hairy stoner rocker at, there's Hammond-like sounds here and there, and I for one would not be surprised if the band members seriously believe they are entirely brilliant and that they deserve all the post-gig pussy they can get. I am not sufficiently into this genre to pass judgement here, but the band does not stir me into any kind of instant appreciation.

Why the three stars then? Well, you don't need to be a women to know that John Merrick is a handsome man. I don't need to be a stoner rock fan to know that this is the kind of music that people of that ilk could conceivable seriously flip out to. It's just me.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Red Aim's cover of The Scorpions' "Rock You Like a Hurricane" is, um, interesting. If not for this, the album would have received 2 bullets, personally.



Written April 2002


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