EMI seems to be eager to make a few extra bucks off Queensryche. A new live album has been released, with an accompanying DVD, and the label also decided to re-release the 1991 "Operation Livecrime" CD + VHS video boxset in the shape of a separate CD and DVD. This review concentrates on the CD.

The original 1991 "Livecrime" CD for a long time replaced the 1988 studio version in my CD player because I so much liked the live vibe and the climactic ending extension of "Eyes of a Stranger". Then, suddenly, about half a year ago, Geoff Tate's inability to reach the high notes caused me to revert back to playing the studio version more often again. It looks like that may once again change, because the re-release of the CD has more to offer, relatively, than the DVD. You get live versions of some of the best Queensryche tracks ever, i.e. "The Lady Wore Black" and the majestically impressive "Roads to Madness". Reason enough to put my original box set up on Ebay and just get the new versions - and of the CD I have no regrets at all.

We all know what Queensryche was like during their near-legendary 1991 "Building Empires" tour, and that's what you get. The band is superb, all renditions are exquisite, and, well, Geoff Tate occasionally not reaching the high notes isn't that disturbing. So far I had to resort to bootleg recordings (such as the relatively good "Ryche and Roll" double CD) for "Roads to Madness", but now I no longer have to do that. Musically, I am a happy camper indeed.

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Written November 2001


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