Pure Rubbish is a new signing by Divine Recordings (Ozzy Osbourne's wife's record label). In lieu of a full CD ("Glamorous Youth", to be expected in early 2002) they have released an eponymous, well, I guess you'd call it a CD single or an EP.

The CD contains three of their own tracks ("Kiss of Death", "Electric Heart" and "Parts Unknown") as well as a cover of their chief source of inspiration, AC/DC's "Let There Be Rock".

This band will definitely be going somewhere. They have the right rebel kind of image and attitude, not unlike Guns'n'Roses. They play their instruments well enough for their straight type of rock, with some good guitar work thrown in. Their singer is a bit too glam-rock for my taste, not quite my style, but I don't see how that could hold the band back.

Keep your eyes open for more on this band in 2002...



Written August 2001


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