Doug "King's X" Pinnick seems not to be content just playing bass and singing in his main band. Apparently it limits him musically, which is why he's got the Poundhound side project. In 1998 it produced "Massive Grooves from the Electric Church of Psychofunkadelic Grungelism Rock Music", which I suppose about covered the load.

"Pineappleskunk", the second Poundhound album is, to use Doug's words, "a letter to my friends, a reflection of my life over the past year." If his life is generally weird and full of ups and down, I guess that rings true. On it, he sings and plays all the instruments with the exception of the drums (for which he enlisted the help of King's X cohor Jerry Gaskill).

The album contains 16 tracks, varying from simply silly stuff like "Rise-n-Shine" to groovy tracks like "Somedays", from reggea-suffused offerings like "Oh My Soul" to short and weird outbursts like "Wrong Address". The positive word for the album is "versatile", the negative word is "inconsistent". It's all just a matter of interpretation, whether you happen to seriously dig Doug Pinnick or not specifically. Now King's X is pretty OK and I've got nothing at against Mr. Kinnick, but I also don't especially dig him. Which basically means, not to put to fine a point to it, that the album bugs me more than anything else.



Written May 2001


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