Finally, Dutch black metal gods Ordo Draconis have released their first CD, "In Speculis Noctis". Although I really liked their demo tape, "When the Cycle Ends", fact is that I rarely fire up the ol' tape deck. Ordo now rules my CD player.

I have not often heard vocals as profoundly evil-sounding as Moloch's delivery of Ordo's beautifully written, archaic English vocals reminiscent of Dani Filth on a particularly inspired day. But what's it like musically? I mean, good lyrics and a vocalist who sounds more fucked up than the collected gathering of demons from the Book of Revelations and the Necronomicon, that doesn't automatically mean you've got a good band. Thank hells, Ordo Draconis literally rip. Especially the second and third (of four) songs have sections that could have been straight off the next Emperor or Cradle of Filth album.

I wouldn't be me, however, if there wasn't something that prevents the album from receiving the full-blast 'five star' rating. I would liked to have more of this stuff and would gladly have paid more for it, too. Also, I think the keyboards are too prominent in the mix. Let that not prevent you, however, from becoming, as quickly as possible, one of the potential 1500 owners of this landmark of a black metal CD by ordering it direct at:

Ordo Draconis
Archimedeslaan 12
NL-2871 XL Schoonhoven
The Netherlands

It only costs US$ 8, and that's including postage. For more info, you can email guitarist Rahab at rahab_od@hotmail.com.



Written May 1999


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