Odium is a black metal act hailing from Norway. They had some bad luck around the time when they recorded and wanted to mix "The Sad Realm of the Stars" - back in 1996 - so it's taken until this year before the album came out.

Perhaps caused in part by their professional connection with Limbonic Art, a resemblance is perhaps unavoidable. An excellent effort for a debut, "The Sad Realm" is not quite as imposing as either Limbonic Art album. However, it should be noted that Limbonic's awesome drumming is produced by a drum computer, whereas Odium makes use of the human talents of one Eek (ex-Funeral). Less heavy on the synth and the atmosphere, but still quite extreme, I have heard Odium compared with Emperor, which I guess is not the worst anyone could say of a serious black metal act.

Nocturnal Art Productions also sent a copy of Limbonic Arts' most excellent CD "Moon in the Scorpio", which is a bit too old to be reviewed here. On top of that I already had this awesome CD in my collection, which basically means it'll be up for grabs. Send me your snailmail address with the reply to the questions "What is the name of the person who produced 'The Sad Realm of the Stars' and did its artwork?" and I'll draw someone from the pile on January 1st 1999.



Written August 1998


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