After "Fear, Emptiness, Despair", it went downhill with Napalm Death. "Diatribes" did preciously little for me, and "Inside the Torn Apart" was marred by Barney's temporary leaving the band. The album had a few climaxes, but as a whole was rather lukewarm.

Napalm Death, let there be no mistake, are back. "Words from the Exit Wound" should have been the album after "FED". Barney's growl is furious as ever, and Danny Herrera's blastbeat sections are intertwined with interesting rhythm changes that you don't have to be a total lunatic for in order to call 'somewhat progressive'. Even though there seems to be a definite growth musically, Napalm Death sound as energetic and as angry as years ago. I don't know what caused this positive change in the band, but there are quite a few other bands that could benefit from it. Right from "The Infiltraitor" to the final track, "Sceptic in Perspective", the latest Napalm Death release is totally convincing.

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Written April 1999


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