Sometimes, for example when I hear CDs like Mob Rules' "Temple of Two Suns", it must seem that there are two kinds of bands signed on Limb Music Publishing. On one side there are truly, massively successful bands with more talent that you can shake a knobbly stick at. Rhapsody, obviously, but Patrick Rondat too, fall into this category. On the other side, however, I am afraid there are bands that seem to get a chance to release one or several CDs but somehow don't have what it takes.

Mob Rules have a pretty good guitarist and their music is quite well-produced and melodic, but unfortunately that seems to the full list of their redeeming features. They start off with an atmosphere like Rush' "Farewell to Kings" but after that it quickly deteriorates. Especially in the odd obligatory ballad ("Hold On" and "Hold On Reprise"), the band's major flaw comes out: The singer's glaringly obvious German accent. Only Doro can get away with that, and then only in a video clip with the sound turned way down.

Amid all this thirteen-in-a-dozen kind of music there's one halfway reasonable track, the slightly folky "Flag of Life". Mob Rules just doesn't have what it takes. The competition is too strong or Mob Rules is too weak. Perhaps both.



Written November 2000


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