When I read Michael Moore's previous book, "Stupid White Men", it opened my eyes to many of the nasty things that are happening in the world. Most of those things, for some or other reason, are knee-deep in American involvement. I viewed some of his films ("Roger and Me" and, obviously, "Bowling for Columbine"). My opinion of America has changed 180 degrees in the recent six months. I honestly think America is the most deluded country in the world, headed by a person whom I think is possibly more dangerous than the combined heads of state of the Axis Of Evil. The scary thing, you see, is that Bush actually has the power that the other crazies in charge just have wet dreams about.

"Dude, Where's My Country" tells you about the stunningly unsettling things that have happened around 9-11. Things that have George W.'s involvement written all over them. It tells you about the Patriot Act, that single-handedle revoked most of the basic rights of Americans. A chapter most non-Americans may find most shocking is about the future of an oil-less world. That really shook me up. I'd hate to be in my children's shoes.

I think it is the duty of every sane person in the world - insofar that they have sound moral values - to help Michael Moore in his quest to create Awareness. Because noone in their right minds should vote Bush next year.

Sure it's funny. It might even be called comic. But the message is a grim one that People Need To Heed.

Released 2003, ISBN 0-713-99761-3

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Written November 2003


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