After having been around for two years, Misery Inc. from Finland have released their professionally produced third demo CD. And from what I hear them do, it might as well have been their third record-company-released CD, because this is not a band that sounds in any way like they're still in the stages of making demos. They sound confident and capable, with good instrument control and melodies that are easy to remember.

I guess, if you'd have to, you'd label Misery Inc. as "metal with some gothic". It doesn't make you want to go out and head-butt an onrushing train like some gothic bands do, however the music is thoroughly suffused with an atmosphere of non-happiness. This is caused largely by Jukkis' particular vocal timbre and the background sad-sounding guitar melodies. Especially in the last song, "Hated", they reminded me of Sirrah.

Having said that, I am not particularly into gothic music (or even metal that has some gothic elements), because there's enough sadness in the world already without them adding to it. With a more gothhead reviewer they'd no doubt have scored 4 bullets.



Written May 2003


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