The music industry is a fascinating world. Before you know it, you get exposed to something really innovative, something that grips your heart and gives it a twist. Music can leave you a changed person, it can make you grow personally, make you feel better for the moment. Even in extreme music, such little gems of experience may be found. In fact, this very morning I listened to My Dying Bride during breakfast and it made my start of the day an all the more enjoyable one. Even the most extreme music - My Dying Bride isn't that extreme, obviously - can be captured on tape flawlessly, with capable producers and mixers harvesting the energetic sounds of aggression and melting it into a grand flow of aural ecstasy.

Let me make it perfectly clear that none of the above can be found on Morgue's ridiculously titled "The Process to Define the Shape of Self-Loathing". Doubtlessly these guys have issues, and lots of anger, but I am not convinced that music for them is the right way to deal with it. These people should be in the demolition business or some other industry that much less taxes their lack of relevant talents. Sure it's angry, sure there's oodle upon oodle of hard-core aggression. However, the thing that comes across most is that there's also plenty of pointlessness and general sonic drivel. What a load of utter childish bollocks for anyone other than those who merely want to shock members of a previous generation. The CD is too light to be used as a door stop, the wrong shape to be used as a frisbee...I really can't think of any reason short of mad insanity that could trigger anyone to buy this.



Written February 2003


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