Motorhead have been around for a massive 25 years, an event that couldn't possible go by unforgotten. Suitably, this event is celebrated by the release of a double CD (digipak) entitled "Everything Louder than Everyone Else", a live effort recording in Germany, in May 1998.

As opposed to most 'studio' best of attempts, this album captures the energy of the band that is rock'n'roll. It's not technically brilliant, because Motorhead isn't. Lemmy doesn't sing beautifully, because he can't. And that's exactly what you'd want: Lemmy singing his friggin' throat out and classic song after classic song being played like only Motorhead can. There's "Iron Fist", "Civil War", "Born to Raise Hell", "Orgasmatron", "Ace of Spades", "Overkill" and my personal favourite "Killed by Death". In total there's 100+ minutes of music, some 25 songs. The CD liner notes provide witty observations by Lemmy himself.

For those who want to have a faithful document of Motorhead, this CD is the thing to get. For the fans who already have all their other albums, this album is the thing to get. Lemmy roolz.

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Written April 1999


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