Magnitude 9 is the band around amazing guitarist Rob Johnson and former Psyco Drama vocalist Corey Brown. "Reality in Focus" is their second, a little more song-oriented album. Not that there's nothing in the way of freaky guitar solos, because it wouldn't be Rob Johnson without that...

"No Turning Back" and "What My Eyes Have Seen" are the first two tracks on the album. They're quite melodic. After that, however, things start to get heavier, with more of a semblance to the debut album, "Chaos to Control". In the 9+ minute "Afterlife" there's grade A keyboard work, too, just like the cool keyboard/guitar duets in "Temples of Gold". Throughout the album there is also a lot of good drumming with interesting percussion going on, though it has to be mentioned that the snare drums sounds rather a little like a can. Iron Maiden fans (and other, too, likely) will enjoy Magnitude's 9 version of "Flight of Icarus".

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Written April 2001


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