Metal Blade and Combat Records are re-releasing quite a few of the old (read: 80's) releases. For those of you who are into old school thrash or who just happened to be around in the mid and early eighties, this is a very interesting development. The CDs usually don't cost too much and it allows you, finally, to lay to rest the battered and damaged LPs you still had to keep your record player around for.

Liege Lord originally released "Master Control" in 1988. Of course it sounds rather dated, with those typical loud snare drums and vocals that used to be normal back then but that aren't anymore :-) If you're one of the people meant above, however, you won't mind that in the least!

"Master Control" sends you back in history, to a time when singer soared, guitars chunked and drums pounded, with tracks like "Feel the Blade", "Broken Wasteland" and "Rapture". For those into Rainbow there's an interesting version of the Rainbow classic "Kill the King" to enjoy. Thanks to the glories of Internet the band seems to be enjoying renewed interest. Perhaps a new album some day soon?

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Written December 1999


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