When I received the "Stand and Conquer" album by Legacy I am afraid my subconscious pigeonholed it as one of those dime-a-dozen power metal bands with the usual lyrics and pretty good but not outstanding music. So it sat gathering dust for a while, also because my life was getting kindof hectic at work and a kid was underway and all that.

Thankfully I was wrong. The older I got, the less tolerant I am of crap music. I gave to confess that I do not check out all stuff that I get, just on account of the artwork, of prejudices I have.

Legacy actually play good music. They've been around since 1999, and their music centres around guitarist Darin Moore (a pupil of Michael Harris) and vocalist Randy Allen. All of this is presented with a good mix, despite the snare drum sounding a little thing. Vocal melodies are repetitive and it even seems they are not always in key (as in "Sold Your Soul"), but there is some really good stuff going on musically. Check out "Survival of the Fittest" and "Battlecry/The Reckoning", the album's closing instrumentals, which showcase some excellent guitar work and Andy Hall's drumming. On the good side you will also find the catchy track "Say Your Last Goodbye"...on the bad side you will also find the very cheesy ballad, "Without You".



Written March 2004


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