I thought "Endorama" was Kreator's finest album since "Renewal". Most True Kreator Fans seem not to have reacted very positively to either, "Renewal" in particular. To me, the new musical avenues entered on those albums showed the band was progressing, and it never alienated me. The fans must have cried loud enough for the band to return to what is fondly referred to as "their roots". After "Renewal" came "Cause for Conflict". The first track was excellent, but the rest was, well, not that captivating. And after "Endorama" comes their latest, "Violent Revolution".

If you look at the cover of "Violent Revolution" you will see the familiar devilish face from "Coma of Souls" and earlier. If you listen to the album you will indeed have to conclude that the band has once more ventured back to their roots. Mille's vocals feature the typical bark-style delivery, the songs are once again thrash metal like it should be. All tracks are good, with the exception of "Ghetto War" which is beyond merely good. "Replicas of Life" starts off horribly, with over one minute of Mille actually really singing, and after that turns excellent. But other than that, the "back to the roots" element just means that Kreator is playing well-written thrash metal that won't surprise a soul.

If you ever, by the way, get the choice between the much more expensive limited edition digipak with bonus track (a demo version of the title track) or the regular one, do yourself a favour and go for the cheap option.



Written September 2001


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