For a while now, there's been a new star on the female guitar firmament. I'd not heard of her before until a friend pointed out her website to me. Jaye Foucher is her name, "Infectious Licks" is the title of her CD, and it's been released in 1997 already. Still, worthy of a review.

"Infectious Licks" is certainly a fresh CD with a wide variety of songs. It contains several pretty heavy tracks the likes of "Killer Clowns", "Epic" and "Pandemonium", cuts displaying more intense guitar work ("Stompin' the Bug") and even two vocal tracks in the form of "Truth" and "Portrait". Although her vocals approach those of Melissa Etheridge when she really puts power into them, her guitar work is more impressive.

Jaye's music at times sounds like Joe Satriani ("The Real Thing") or Vinnie Moore ("Epic"), but mostly sounds like Jaye Foucher. It's no all-out neoclassical guitar onslaught, it's no freaky album like Jennifer Batten's "Above, Below and Beyond". "Infectious Licks" is an album with cool guitar music by a talented guitar player. I personally prefer the instrumental tracks, and I do wish the drums would have been better produced. In most tracks it sounds like there's a drum computer at work. Check out Jaye's website if you want to listen to snippets off this interesting CD.



Written September 1999


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