Suckers will always fall for re-releases, and so have I. Not once, but twice. This time, however, I do not regret it in the least bit. For what we have here is the eagerly anticipated complete release on CD of the original four sides of the seminal "Live After Death" double LP.

As you are probably aware, the original album's fourth CD was not featured on the album, and "Running Free" was quite a bit shorter. Now, finally, all four sides are available on a double CD (with the second CD, as usual with these recent Iron Maiden re-releases, a 'CD enhanced' one).

So now you have "Wratchild", "22 Acacia Avenue", "Children of the Damned", "Die with Your Boots On" and "Phantom of the Opera", riveting performances recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon, as well as a lavishly designed booklet and CD ROM tracks. As with the other re-releases, this multimedia section has been excellently designed with a lot of illustrations, bios and trivia, with four video clips thrown in for good accord.

"Live After Death" (re-released) is definitely worth getting because of the five tracks formerly lacking. The CD enhanced bit is cool, but let's be honest and claim that you're not going to play that more than a handful of times at most. But especially if this live album is not yet in your collection in any previous version at all, now is your chance!

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Written October 1998


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