Sometimes, you get surprised by a really good CD, a CD that matches technically well-executed music with a certain kind of aggression as well as melody. Dark Tranquillity's "The Gallery" was such a CD, or At The Gates' "Terminal Spirit Disease". In Flames has managed to release exactly such a CD in the form of their third full-length album, "Whoracle". It's a shame that promo copies usually don't have a lyrics sheet attached, because I think that we have here a band that also knows how to pen down some good lyrics (another comparison here with Dark Tranquillity).

"Whoracle" may very well be the best death metal CD of 1997 - or is it thrash? Bugger, I never quite know into which pigeonhole to put bands, and besides all this pigeonholing is more than a bit stupid. What is important is that we have here a terrific CD. So get it, especially if you dig Dark Tranquillity and/or At The Gates.

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Written November 1998


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