A couple of weeks ago I managed to get my hands on the In Extremo "Live 2002" DVD. Now I finally got the CD, which has the same basic track listing minus "Pavane" and "Unter Dem Meer". Too bad that these tracks had to go, but then there's nearly 75 minutes of music on this CD as it is.

Soundwise, things are pretty much the same as on the DVD. However, when listening to audio only you can't help but notice that the bass is rather too much in front of the mix. Other than that, however, there is preciously little to complain about. The selection of songs is excellent, the sound quality is excellent, and the digipak looks smoothly designed. The songs prior to "Sünder Ohne Zügel" sound better than they did on the studio albums (I am always one to go for the live vibe), and The Last Unicorn's in-between-song banter is also quite enjoyable.

"Live 2002" is, quite simply, a CD that anyone open to a new musical style should check out.

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Written January 2003


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