Some bands are an incarnation of all that is bad, vile, evil, and generally worthy of not being liked by parents. God Dethroned is such a band, an unholiest of unions which succeeds in creating an aural ton of bricks with your name on it. And it may superficially resemble a silvery disc, but once it's playing...

Immolation is such a band, too, and no mistake. But where God Dethroned lack substance in the lyrical department, Immolation fail to fail. Both bands have in common that the drummer is totally insane. Exit most of today's extreme death metal acts - enter Immolation! Their music captures unholy malevolence. Their drummer does not sound like he's hunted down by the absurdest demons from the nether regions, no, instead it appears he is giving them a run for their money! Immolation rule the collected netherhells and appear once in a while to strike with their strongest of battle axes. And, needless to say, they'll strike you right dead. More meter changes than a Hungarian wedding band, totally un-catchy but nevertheless memorably tracks, Ross Dolan's sub-grunt sonic attack, Alex Hernandez' inhuman drumming...


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Written May 1999


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