For some reason, previous Immortal albums never made much of an impression on me. Their performance at Waldrock last year, which I considered laughable at best and very much lacking in dark atmosphere, didn't add to this. As far as I was considered, Immortal was never going to be interesting.

Until, that is, I started hearing and reading very positive comments indeed on their latest, "Damned in Black". I decided to give the band another chance, which turned out to be a good thing for me. What I heard is a little over half an hour's worth of well-executed, intense black metal with intense drumming, angry vocals and actual compositions that showed balls and rough appeal.

Prompted by "Damned in Black", I think I'll have to re-check their previous efforts. After all, I never liked Cradle's pre-"Dusk..." albums and now I do. Cutting to the case, "Damned in Black" is a fine black metal album, albeit of a bunch of guys that take themselves just a bit too seriously. The reason why it's not getting more than three stars/bullets is that it's just too damn short.



Written May 2000


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