Most of you will not know the band Holocaust. Some of you may know the song "The Small Hours" from the "Garage Days Re-Revisited" album, and, you guessed it, Metallica was in fact playing a Holocaust cover there.

I don't know if they are an old band that split and reunited, or if they've just lain dormant all that time, but they are now definitely back and about to release a new album by the title of "Primal". "Friday the 13th" is a 3-track demo that gives a taste of what can be expected...

I had feared Holocaust would sound dated, stuck in a kindof NWOBHM-inspired nostalgia. However, they do sound rather contemporary and worthy of a listen. The three tracks are dark-sounding pounding aural beasts, though the third ("They Colonise") sounds a bit too unmelodic to my taste.

This demo gives reason to look forward to the eventual release of "Primal". Holocaust do have something to add to the metal scene of today, and I for one hope they will.



Written June 2001


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