God Dethroned are back, as bad as ever, with temporary drummer Tony Laureano (now in Nile) and "Ravenous", full of contra-christian death metal.

As opposed to the expectations, it is not actually faster, nor more brutal, than "Bloody Blasphemy". It's about as fast and seems in general about as brutal or perhaps a bit less so.

The album kicks off with "Swallow the Spikes", quite a good good track. "The Poison Apple (Eve & Serpentio in the Garden of Eden)" is the next one, with a slower section. "Villa Vampiria" is instrumentally most satisfying, "Consumed by Darkness" very short, "The Mysteries that Make you Blood" is just good, "The Iconoclast Deathride" is much reminiscent of older God Dethroned material, and the closer ("Evil Dead", Death cover) is good too.

I'd have to say that "Ravenous" does not impress me as mightily as did "Bloody Blasphemy". But at least it seems a bit more mature (having said that, there was no lyrics sheet with the promo so I can't tell for sure). Not excellent, perhaps, but certainly rather good.



Written January 2001


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