God Dethroned seem always to be seeking for yet another extreme. If it be known that the title track is about a necrophiliac who rips Jesus off the cross to feed on his flesh, that ought to give a fair indication that they found it.

No matter how extreme lyrics are, the music is really important, probably even more so. God Dethroned main man Henri Sattler has gathered around him a selection of musicians capable of capturing aggressive malevolance, and the album was excellently produced by Bertus Westerhuys. The result is a combination of Slayer-like thrash with some elements of black metal hurled in. Highlights on the album are "The Execution Protocol", "Boiling Blood", "Under the Golden Wings of Death" and the second half of "Soul Capture 1562". I would personally have liked some more keyboard tapestries, but all in all "Bloody Blasphemy" is more than fine with me.

However...I don't understand why they had to have pretty ridiculous captions under the band pictures: Jens is "responsible for capturing souls during their voyage to heaven" ("captor of souls on their way to the heavens" would at least have cut if more powerfully) and Beef is "future assassin of pope Johannes Paulus II" (clearly missing the point that in English it's "John Paul II"). I guess image is very important in this genre, but to me God Dethroned's image reeks of immaturity, even amateurishness. Good thing the music makes up for it.

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Written March 1999


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