"My God" is Flotsam & Jetsam's eighth album. It starts convincingly with "Dig Me Up to Bury Me", which has the weirdest rhythmic variations I ever heard in the band, as well as some positively impressive guitar work.

Following the opener you get almost a dozen songs that range from "good" to "quite good too". "Keep Breathing" has an interesting end section, "Nothing to Say" is a classic Flots track, "Camera Eye" is a vicious thrash attack kind of song, "Killing Time" has some really good drumming. "Trash" is a bit more of a personal song, "Praise" is an instrumental point of rest. When the final track, an acoustic/clean guitar instrumental entitled "I.A.M.H.", ends, you find yourself having listened to a very enjoyable CD.

It doesn't happen that often that I agree with the bio that usually comes with promo CDs, but this time I do: This is probably Flotsam's heaviest and best CD since "No Place for Disgrace". Nonetheless, I feel it could have gained that extra notch with a heavier drum production.

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Written April 2001


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