"Soulskinner" is Fleshcrawl's second album on Metal Blade, once again offering uncompromising death metal with Gothenburg influences.

In general, the same criticism their previous album got can be put forward here again. The music is well written, the tracks are full of cool hooks and the production is good, but it's nothing that you haven't heard somewhere else before. The music goes on at pretty much the same tempo for the whole album, with the exception of part of "Rotten" where they slow down. The vocals are a deep grunt much like George "Cannibal Corpse" Fischer, the music itself produced much like old Entombed or Dismember. The closing track, a cover of Judas Priest's "Metal Gods", is a nice surprise.

If you don't have too many Dismember/Entombed/Gothenburg-style albums yet, check this one out!



Written December 2001


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